InnerStack Core Manual

inSoho Edition

for Small Office or Home Office. Easy to install, zero configuration, all features in one box.

the inSoho edition will provide binary package (RPM for CentOS7/rhel7) for local installation.

inEnterprise Edition

for large development and ops requirements, focus on performance, availability and stability.

inCloud Edition

simplify infrastructure management across locations, mix and match different infrastructure and cloud offerings within one cluster.

inSoho vs inEnterprise vs inCloud

inSoho inEnterprise inCloud
inPanel WebUI Yes Yes Yes
inPack WebUI Yes Yes Yes
Multi User Yes Yes Yes
Access Key Management Yes Yes Yes
Resource usage charging Yes Yes Yes
Pod Management Yes Yes Yes
Pod Replication No Yes Yes
Pod horizontal scaling Yes Yes
App Management Yes Yes Yes
Package Management Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Driver Docker Yes Yes Yes
Driver PouchContainer Yes Yes Yes
Multi Hosts Yes Yes
Multi Cells Yes Yes
Multi Zones Yes
Ceph Storage (in development) Yes
Multi Third-party cloud service provider (in development) Yes