Sysinner PaaS Engine

Inspired by Google Borg/Kubernetes. Sysinner provides a lightweight, friendly and automatically way for Developers or OPS to deploy and manage the containerized applications.


Containerized Applications

All applications running in Container.
Different with the most other PaaS, Sysinner only use the container as Runtime Environment.

Container Drivers

Docker : The Dev to Ops Choice for Container Platforms

PouchContainer : An Efficient Container Engine created by Alibaba

inPack package manager

Sysinner develops inPack to build, package, deliver, deploy and upgrade applications.

inPack CLI inPack webui


Template to create the App Instance, defined with all its dependencies, packages and configurations.

App Spec Define App Center

Web UI

inPanel web based user interface can complete all operations. CLI tool will be added in future.



Built-in monitoring system contains CPU, Memory, Net IO, Disk IO, Operation logs, ...

Host Stats Pod Stats


Built-in IAM (Identity and Access Management) system, support Roles, billing system.



the engine kernel, can be customized into different distributions to fit the requirements.

inSoho Edition vs inEnterprise Edition