Build Enterprise PaaS Platform in the Easiest way!
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Containerized Applications
All applications running in Container.
the CPU, RAM, and DISK resources of all containers will be accurately limited and isolated.
Multi Container Drivers
Docker : The Dev to Ops Choice for Container Platforms
PouchContainer : An Efficient Container Engine created by Alibaba
inPanel: Easy to Use WebUI
Web based UI can complete all operations, no command line, no configuration text, Our goal is to develop the easiest to use PaaS system.
Monitoring Container and Host
Built-in monitoring system contains CPU, Memory, Net IO, Disk IO, Operation logs, ...
inPack package manager
Sysinner develops inPack to build, package, deliver, deploy and upgrade applications.
User, Access and Keys Management
Built-in IAM (Identity and Access Management) system, support Roles, billing system.
Template to create the App Instance, defined with all its dependencies, packages and configurations.
the engine kernel, lightweight, pluginization, excellent design for enterprise customization